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SpokenWord Podcast

The Words I Never Said

Recording Studio

We are a SpokenWord podcast created by poets, for poets. Tune in for bi-weekly episodes featuring some of your favorite guest poets in the nation. 

We'll have tips to enhance your SpokenWord performances, information on careers that poets thrive in, in-depth interviews, and jokes. Yes, did you expect us to go through a whole episode without cracking a few jokes? 

You'll smile, laugh, and sometimes even cry when you tune in. But, one thing is for sure-- you'll always come away with more than you came with. This is for you, poet. 

The Words I Never Said. We want you to say them, though. All of them. With your chest. Loud. On stage. In front of people. You write poetry, but YOU ARE THE POEM.


Click the link to the left and listen on your favorite streaming site. #SpitThatPoet

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